Update on friends for life……

June 3, 2008

For anyone who read friends for life, I would like to get you caught up to date on Charlie. I called Ed another friend of mine from the bar I used to bartend at, I was trying to get some info on Charlie, to be specific what lot # he was at in the park he lives in. I was surprised when Ed told me that Charlie was doing so good. I was so happy to hear the news. Ed told me if I held on a few seconds longer he would put Charlie on the phone that he was at Perry’s the bar I used to bartend at. I told Ed that if he would keep Charlie there about 10 more minutes I would be there. So I spent my lunch hour at a bar visiting with a great friend and bull shitting about old times. I also got to visit with the owner as well. I had a wonderful visit with Charlie I think if anyone can make death wait on them it’s Charlie. I am glad that he has at least thus far said I am not going right now. I have a good friend in my life for however long God lets me have him, and for that I am so thankful. Never take for granted that someone will always be there for you, whenever you decide to visit because you just never know. I am blessed that I still have my friend for life in my life. I hope he will be there for a long time to come….


Tae Kwon Do

May 23, 2008

So get this I went to watch my brother test for his blue belt in Tae Kwon Do, I have always been interested in martial arts and thought it would be cool to learn. I took Kick Boxing classes a couple years ago, quit because everytime I went it was another arguement with my other half for one reason or another. Well I enjoyed watching my brother so much that I joined. So now here we go with the argueing again, but I will not quit this time and I actually have my 14 year old daughter going with me. I have enjoyed going thus far and look forward to every class in the future. I will keep updating on our progress.  

Friends for life… « Bosoxgirl’s Weblog

April 29, 2008

Friends for life… « Bosoxgirl’s Weblog


April 7, 2008

I am no angel and I never expected my children to be, but I was not prepared for the Phone call I got a few days ago.

 I am on my second marriage and I have three children. I was married to my first husband 11 years, it was a rocky 11 years and I think we were only together for 7 of the 11. I had two children with him and I had a child with my current husband who I have been married to for 8 years. 

My children are 18, 14 & 7. My oldest is a boy he will actually be 19 in July, he never really got along with my current husband and when he turned 18 hauled ass from my house to go live with his dad. You see he has a major problem with authority, he does not like to be told what to do, my husband being in Law Enforcement was very hard on my son and I had to get between them on two occasions to insure that nothing happend in the midst of thier arguements. this is why he moved out and unfortuntely his dad did not care what he did and let him run the city and never knew where he was. There was no one to tell him what to do at his dads house.

Well about October of last year I got a phone call from the Police Dept. saying that they were arresting my son on felony crimnal mischieve charges for throwing oranges through windows of a vacant house. He went to jail and I being as mad as I was at him let him sit in jail for 4 days before I bailed him out. I went to see him and both times I did he cried to me that he wanted out and I told him I never wanted to see him in jail again. Well they ended up dropping the charges on him which he was lucky. I thought he had learned his lesson on that one. I was wrong….

On Wenesday of last week I got a phone call from my husband telling me that my son was fixing to get arrested again. I asked why and I figured it was some stupid charge that he was caught doing something childish again. Nope he went all out this time. It seems his friends and him decided to break into a car lot and steal three vehicles. I was and still am in shock over this one. I called him on his friends cell phone and got ahold of him and he tried to deny it saying he did not know they were stolen bla, bla, bla. I told him that the Deputies were looking for him and he told me he was going to run from the law. I spent all day argueing with him on the phone to please turn himself in. After six hours of going back and forth with him he called me and told me to come get him and his friend that they would go in. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do was go pick him up and drive him to the station for him to be arrested. I got another phone call this morning from my husband, seems there are more charges to be put against him other than three counts of Grand theft auto, and commercial burgulary thats already facing them. It seems they got hold off another stolen vehicle and set it on fire and busted out winshields of cars were his friend lives. So I am awaiting his court date to find out what will happen to him and I can’t help but wonder what the hell he was thinking. It just does not seem like my son, he would never do something like this or so I thought. I had him for eighteen years and raised him to be a respectable young man. I taught him right and wrong and tried to instill the best in him that I could. I just can’t help but think where did I go wrong with him and WHY is this happening.  Why is he deliberatly ruining his life. WHY????

Friends for life…

April 6, 2008

You know everyonce in a while you meet someone and you just know you were destined to be friends forever.  I had that experience about six years ago, it all started when I took this job for some friends of ours at a small pub in Fl. It was a hole in the wall bar and everyone knew everyone and they looked out for one another. Well they did not take to me right away because they knew my husband and they knew what he did for a living (Law Enforcement) they all knew him because he was a regular and had been going there for years.For some reason some of the regulars thought I was working there to bust them for their indescresions. Everyone liked him and he had some great friends there that I got to know very well as time went on. 

 They started warming up to me after a few weeks and I became their favorite bartender, I spoiled my customers and I loved working there it was great. While I was working there I met alot of great people and some I could live without. I did have the honor of meeting Charlie.

Charlie is someone you would have to experience to fully appreciate him. What a great personality and a genuine person. When he came into the bar he would always put his hand over his heart and tell me I was going to give him a Heart attack because he thought I was a knockout. I would open the bar at 9:00am on Saturday and Charlie was always my first customer and for the longest time I could not understand how someone could drink so early in the morning, and he could not understand how I could go get drunk off my ass and wake up at 7:00am to get ready to be at work at 9:00am hung over and feeling like shit. I asked him one day how he could drink so early and he just laughed at me, I was serious and he finally realized that and answered me. He simply said that nine o clock was like his 1:00pm. You see he was in bed by 5:00pm and up at 2:30 or 3:00am. So by 9:00am he was ready to drink. We always had a great time, always laughed and he would always listen to me and my problems and I would listen to his. 

I would later find out his story in life, a military background retired from the Navy, went to work as some kind of  job were he was on a ship for several months at a time and retired from that. I think it was a Merchant Marine I am not sure. He was divorced from I think the only woman he ever really loved, they had two kids, and I know he has grandsons that he never sees. He always talked to them on the phone but never went up north to see them. I don’t know if him and his son got along on not. He would tell me stories about his grandsons conversations on the phone. I would in return tell him stories on what a jerk my husband was being. Anyone married to a LEO should know what I am talking about, unless you were lucky enough to get a good one who isn’t a control freak..

We eventually started playing darts. I learned that he was the Charlie with all the plaques on the wall from dart tournaments. I was on the dart league at the bar on Tues and Thurs nites, and I thought my shit did not stink. I am here to tell you that Charlie made it stink… He was such a great dart player and I did get lucky at times and beat him. We played every Saturday and sometimes we would have company, but everyone knew that we would be playing. I enjoyed the games and the company that Charlie had given me.

I would quit that job after three years and go on to my present job, but I would go in to see the gang every chance I got.  It  had been a while since I had been in and I ran into Ed another one of my faves, he told me that Charlie had ran into some problems with his lungs. He smoked pretty heavily and always told me that his lungs were bad. I found out that his lungs had colapsed on him and that he was in intensive care for a while and at the present he was in a home were there were nurses to look after him. I went to see him there and I was shocked at what I saw. Ed tried to warn me that he did not look like the old Charlie and I guess I thought I was prepared for it. I was not, I wanted to cry but I held it back and managed to stay about 10 minutes before he kicked me out. Charlie never liked to have anyone feel sorry for him or make a big deal over him. He thru me out, he told me that I had always been  gorgeous and told me to come see him when he got out and went home. He is home has been for a couple of days. I have not made it over yet, I have plans to go Monday. I wanted him to get settled with the nurses that have to come in and take care of him.

Charlie is 72 years old and I know that he will not be here to much longer, I just wanted to share my story with everyone, because it’s not to often that a friend like Charlie comes along. When you find a friend that you know will love you thru anything and always be there for you, someone you have such a good time with and who will listen and try to give you the best advice possible, you know you are truely blessed.  

A major milestone….

March 9, 2008

Turning forty for me was a major milestone in my life, I always said I would be dead before I was twenty-one due to my brother scaring the crap out of me on a daily basis when we were younger. or his friends and him ambushing me and beating the crap out of me when I got off the school bus.  Brotherly love, it’s a funny thing he and his friends could beat me up, but he would be the first one to my defense when I needed him.

Anyway, my husband wanted to throw me the traditional “Your Over The Hill ” party for my 40th, now I love any chance to have a party, get together with good friends and just hang out. I however had a different idea on what I wanted to do. Being born and raised here in Florida, born in South Florida and raised in the central part, I had never seen Key West… I always heard stories some good and some not, but I wanted to go (one of those to dos before I die). Well we were over at a friends house and my husband was saying  how he wanted to throw me this big party, and I simply said I wanted to go to Key West, well that was the right thing to say.  The couple who’s house we were at has family that lives there.  Scott a good friend of my husbands they worked together at the Sheriff’s Dept where we live, Scott has since moved to the Highway Patrol, anyway he grew up down there and always goes down there to visit his Dad. Well they said we would just have to have the party down there, the other couple that was there said they would love to go as well. Now we were all drinking pretty heavily at the time and I did not think anyone would remember the conversation we had about this trip to Key West.  Well about two weeks later we all got back together to drink some more for no apparent reason other than we just do that every once in a while, and someone brought up my birthday again and I said once more that I wanted to go to Key West and everyone remembered from the previous party, well someone brought out pictures of Fantasy Fest in Key West. I don’t know if anyone is familiar with it, but it is one big party so to speak that goes on down there in October, and since my Birthday is on Halloween, I thought it would be pretty cool to go during Fantasy Fest. Body painting and drinking until you either slithered into a cab or crawled home. I just knew I was in….  Well we ended up planing the trip the week before Fantasy Fest, only because it is so crowded and there is way to many people to really enjoy and take in all the beauty of Key West. I was a little disappointed, but I knew with the two other couples that were going we were destined to have a blast.

 I had to wait three long months until October, but it finally came and we had been fortunate enough to have connections with another friend who just so happen to have a house down there that she rented out, being a Law Enforcement Officer herself she gave it to us at a really good rate. It was a two bedroom one bath house on Ram Rod Key, beautiful home.. The day finally came when we left and I was off to celebrate my 40th birthday with good friends and what better way to do it. 

It was the longest trip I think I have ever been on, we did not take the interstate all the way down because our friends were pulling their boat and to be honest I never got the full story on why we stayed off the Interstate all I know is damn it was a long trip.  We had to make a bunch of stops because anyone knows traveling with me I have to take alot of pee breaks, my husband hates that, especially when we go to Tenn. which we do every year. when we finally made it down there our first stop was a grocery store where we got food and snacks and plenty to drink, we made our way to our house and we had a couple staying wit us and the other couple was off to his Dads house on the last and main Island. We stayed in that evening and drank and kinda just laid back from our long ass trip. The next morning I got up and made coffee for everyone and I took my cup out and looked at our surroundings WOW, it was beautiful. The house is on stilts which most are there. The porch wrapped all the way around the house and in the back yard was a dock with a waterway for boats. I could walk to one side of the house and I could watch the sun come up, which I did most mornings, I love to sit outside and drink my coffee in the morning. While I was outside the first morning I found a coconut tree and some coconuts on the ground, being from South Florida we used to climb the coconut trees and get the coconuts, crack them open and eat them and drink the coconuts milk. I had not been to Ft. Lauderdale since I was 17 and to see a coconut I was all excited, you will learn it the simple things in life that really get to me, I went running back in the house with the coconut in hand and was showing it to everyone and they just laughed at me because I was so excited about this coconut.  Anyway we got ready and went to meet our friends and to grab some lunch, oblivious to the time because we were on Island time, we ordered food and booze, we ate and drank and drank some more and finally it was time to go fishing.  I love to fish, I don’t care if it’s off a bank of a river, canal in a boat it does not matter as long as I am fishing, my fave is deep sea fishing, love it… Now Scott has lived here before and knows all the good places to go, he was our tour guide and Captain of the boat, he kept telling me he was there for me, since it was my first time there and it was my birthday he was going to make it a trip to remember. He did..  He took us to a boat that had sunk and was partially emerged from the water, it was there that we started to fish for bait fish, fish we were going to use for our bigger catches.  Well us ladies were reeling them in for our guys, having a blast, we decided to put one of the fish we had caught on the bigger fishing pole and cast it out and just let it sit there, it was probally thirty minutes later and that line started to scream, my husband grabbed the pole and started to fight with what ever it was on the other end of the line.. I can tell you he was fighting the good fight when all of a sudden about two hundred yards out, up came this huge shark in the air and spinning went back down and went out a little farther, all I could say was “Holy shit I think we need a bigger boat” I ran to get to my camera and Pam was trying to get to hers, but the guys were standing on the compartment were the cameras were. We were screaming for them to move when up from the water came the shark agian spinning and went back down, when the guys finally got off the compartment we reached in to get our cameras when the shark came up again and spun this time he broke the line and was gone… Not that we could have kept it, it was huge and would not of fit in our boat, but a picture would of been great.  So we went on fishing and had no luck the barracuda were bad they were taking our fish not to mention our hooks, so we went to an Island were there was nothing and took a break for awhile we were walking the beach line when we saw a little hammerhead shark swimming up by the shore looking for smaller fish, we ran back to the boat and grabbed the pole and a shrimp, Scott casted out and the shark grabbed the line and he reeled in the shark. We all held it and took our picture with it and set it free. I informed Scott that I wanted to catch a shark he said he would see what he could do, so a little further away there was and Island in the making, it is just a sand bar right now, but we went there looking for shells and I was about a hundred yards from Scott when he started yelling for me to come his way he saw another hammerhead it was a little bigger than the last one, I was running to him and just got to him when he put the line in the water and as soon as I took the pole from him the line started screaming, the shark I thought was heading for Cuba, that’s what I told everyone. Any way I fought this baby shark for about 5 minutes when I finally brought him in. If you look at the picture next to my post that is me with my shark I caught. I was so excited, and I should of kept it, he would of been good eating, but I thought he was cute and could not do that to it. That was my big catch the whole time we were there, we tried on the way back in but no luck. I did however see the biggest turtle I have ever seen. We had a flats boat that we were on and the water can go from several hundred feet deep to only three feet deep in a matter of seconds, so we were pushing with the push pole and fishing when all of a sudden under the boat there was this huge friggin turtle. It was big. I did not know they got that big. I consider myself very lucky to have seen what all I saw that day.

When we got back to land we went to Scotts Dads house for dinner, he happens to live right behind a house that belonged to Francis Ford Coppola, what a big beautiful house. We had a nice dinner and a few more drinks and we were off to do the Duvall crawl. For those of you who do not know what the duvall crawl is well let me explain, there is a street called Duvall Street and there is nothing but bar after bar and shopping galore. The crawl is were you hit every bar on that street and then some, if your lucky enough to make it thru this then you have survived the Duvall Crawl, we had a blast going to Sloppy Joes,  Margaritaville, after that I don’t remember much else. I remember waking up wishing I was dead, I was so hung over and sick OMG!  We kinda took it easy that day, we just drank, that was the hardest thing I think I did was drinking again the next morning, but they assured me I would feel better if I did. It did work because I got just as drunk.. We went shopping and stuff that day.

The following day we bought tickets on a boat and went to the Dry Tortuga’s, Ft. Jefferson. This was the one of the things I went down there for.   This fort is a two hour trip one way by boat and so beautiful. It sits out in the middle of the ocean, people were coming in by sea planes and other boats, my husband I felt so bad for he got so sick on the boat ride over there it was pretty rough when we got out there a ways. I loved it, he hated it. He ended up at the back of the boat looking at the horizon the whole trip over there. Once there he was ok after a bit. I told him on the way back he was taking some Dramamine. On the way over there they will not serve you  booze because there is no wall around this fort and when you go up to the top one wrong step and your a goner. You can however bring your own… Which we did (imagine that). So when we got there guess what we did.. Yep we drank.  We also snorkeled I learned that was not for me. I could not get the hang of it, not to mention the jelly fish were so bad and I did not want to get stung by one of them. So I swam for a bit and then we walked around the fort. It was really cool, something I am so happy we did.  We went on the boat for lunch and I bought my husband his Dramamine so he could take it. We walked around for a bit more and then we loaded back up on the boat and it was time to leave. Now on the way back they broke out the Margaritas and they sang me happy birthday to me and we partied. The Captain was really nice he was from the Boston area and we talked about the Red Sox and so on. We got back to shore (my husband did alot better on the way back) and we went back to Duvall Street and asked to be punished some more.  

We just kinda hung out on the fourth day and drank did not feel like doing much of anything else, we cooked on the grill and sat around the house. It was nice to take it easy and just do nothing.  We left the following day and headed back home, oh that dreaded drive back home. I had the best time down there and what made it even more special was making those memories with such great friends….     

About Me

February 26, 2008

Lets just call me bosoxgirl,

   I am a mother of three great children, not so much children anymore, my son is eighteen, and my oldest daughter is fourteen, and then I have my baby, she’s seven and so full of herself. They each have their own way they carry themselves, I have always let them express themselves as they wanted to with out going overboard. They have been skateboarders, paintballers,cheerleaders, and soccer players, they have fought eachother and defended eachother against the kids who felt the need to mess with them. I can say one thing they have been kids in every aspect of that word. My son is my trouble finder he takes after his Mom. He has found more trouble than he can shake a stick at, and my oldest daughter God love her, calls him stupid, dork, and looser. She is the brains of the outfit, she wants to be an equine Vet. She is so different from the other two. She looks just like me, she likes to think everything through and plans out her work for the week. And there is my youngest and meanest I think of them all. I would put my money on this one, not only does she do kickboxing routines with her Mom, but she has an uncle who is doing Tai Kwan Do, and he loves to teach her his new moves. I keep telling my Husband who is in Law Enforcement I hope no kid in her class pushes her to far, I think she would pretty much lay them out and then get suspended from school. She is my hot tempered one.  

  I love to work out and I try to stay as athletic as I can be, which is extremely hard to do with such a busy schedule. My husband just recently got me a Treadmill and I love it. I go in there and put on my music which consist of the Foo Fighters, Hinder, Nickle Back and so on and I just get lost, next thing I know I am sweating my butt off and my husband is standing at the door shaking his head at me. He tells me I punish myself, I don’t see it that way, I see it as rewarding myself. I quit smoking over a year ago and I guess my new nitch is working out I can’t get enough. If I could I would stay on the go all the time, I would be camping, hiking, fishing, even kayaking which I have not done yet. I have a friend who goes and Her and I are going to go some day soon. I sit and think about all this stuff I would love to do and then reality sets back in. In my dreams maybe..

Aside from being a work out nut, I love to watch sports almost as much as I used to love to play them. Football I love Football I keep hoping that my team (Dolphins) are gonna wake up soon and show up to some of their games. I keep saying that next season is going to be it, but that never happens, it just gets worse. We can’t even do a perfect loosing season we had to screw that up. I love this team and I will stand by them no matter what, I may talk smack, but it’s all good.. And some one hold on to me because it is almost Baseball time again.  Now I am from Florida born and raised, but my fave team is The Boston Red Sox. Their my boys and I am so proud of what they have accomplished. I get ragged on all the time about them, why do you like them when your from Florida?  Duh! because I do.. My husband is from Mass. and I started watching Baseball in 2004, he had always watched I always thought it would be much more fun to go out and play Baseball rather than sit in front of a TV for 3 to 4 hours.. Well like I said in 2004 I watched and I watched and before long I could not stop watching, I was hooked and yelling for a team that I was absolutely in love with. The fight and determination they showed to win that World Series was unbelievable. I watched everyseason after and I am just as proud of that team as I ever will be… Two World Series later And we will do a third this season…  Watch Out.    

Anyway, I think that is enough about me for now. I have more to write and I will get to that in another post.

Anyone can reach me at   holdentori@yahoo.com